Solicitations for 1954 Blood Drive To Start Monday

The PBH fall blood drive begins Monday with 300 solicitors canvassing every college and Radcliffe entry. The actual collection takes place December 6-10 in Memorial Hall.

CO-chairman Charles S. Lamonte '56 and Vernon B. Thomas '56, members of the new 12-man PBH drives committee, have set no quota on a drive. "Students tend to lose enthusiasm when the drive passes it you," Lamonte said yesterday.

The most successful blood drive brought in 2200 pints in 1952. After the end of the Korean War, however, interest slacked off sharply despite the fact that blood is still urgently needs for civilian emergencies. Students contributed only 1600 pints last fall, and an even smaller total during the Phillips Brooks House spring drive.

Students under 21 are required to receive permission are allowed to contribute.