Ticket Checks

If we are to believe the Crimson's ex-captain, Dick Clasby, football at Harvard is for the student. But it is also for the student and a friend. Unfortunately too many undergraduates, confident they have included cash for an extra ticket, have received only a "free" ticket from the H.A.A.--and had to watch the game alone.

Disregarding possible dishonesty or negligence, the H.A.A. can easily remedy these discrepancies by requiring that students pay for all extra tickets with personal checks, made out to the Harvard Department of Athletics.

With only loose cash in his envelope, a student has no way of providing he deserves an extra ticket, but with a cancelled check he will have his won receipt. Any student who does not receive an extra ticket after paying with a check, can re-apply for a second ticket with another check. If two cancelled checks appear for the same game, he can justifiably claim a refund--and an apology.

Undergraduates without checking accounts should find the trouble of asking a friend to make out a draft to them worth the extra effort. This check can in turn be made out to the H.A.A., thereby ensuring all undergraduates of a receipt.

Unfortunately, applications for tickets to the Ohio University game have already been field. But student complaints are still likely to arise. Instead of brusquely disregarding these claims s it has in the past, the ticket office should fill them, and in so doing fill part of the Stadium that would otherwise be empty.