Deans to Delay Notification of Special Status

High school seniors admitted to the Advanced Standing Program next fall will not know of their special status as sophomores until after registration, Harlan P. Hanson '46, Director of Advanced Standing, announced yesterday.

Thus, most special sophomores will probably live in the Yard for their first year in College, Hanson indicated. In effect, this will enable them to lead freshman social lives while studying upperclass courses.

The new policy of delayed notification is a modification of the Advanced Standing program passed last March by the Faculty. It resulted from talks between Hanson and Dean Bender, Director of Admissions.

Under the original plan, prospective sophomores would be notified of their promotion in May simultaneously with their classmates, who were entering as regular freshmen. This system became impractical, however, when it was learned that candidates for advanced standing must take special examinations in June to qualify them for special status.

While his office will consult with Dean Bender over the admission of sophomores, the Office of Advanced Standing will have sole responsibility for admitting eleventh graders, Hanson explained. It is his job to forret out specially qualified juniors from applications reaching his desk.


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