The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Your editorial of Monday entitled "Counsel to the Council" contained a few factual errors. In order to clarify this rather confused situation, might I correct some of these errors.

1) The final decision was never scheduled for Monday night, but rather for such a time as the Council felt prepared to come to a conclusion.

2) The number "2", no doubt, was a typographical error, since the usual make-up of the Class Day Committee has in the past been ten.

3) The Council has not in a "slapdash" or any other manner eliminated any of the committees as yet. The considered clause was added to enable Council members to reflect and discuss it with their constituents.

4) You stated that the Permanent Class Committee had to "approve a Constitution." All that is involved in this is filling in 1955 in the space provided on the document. This should take a minimum of effort. And as for the appointments, the Committee should make the necessary six in a few hours. This is the extent of their official business before graduation.

The Student Council appreciates and seeks solutions to this problem. If anyone has a new suggestion or constructive criticism please convey these to your House Council Representative. Moreover, if anyone is interested in voicing their opinion at a Council Meeting, they are always welcome. Our next meeting is in PBH at 7:00 P.M., Monday, November 15. Clifford Alexander, Pres., Student Council.