Glee Club Will Sing On National Hook-up

For the first time in its history, the Glee Club will sing over a nation-wide NBC hook-up with the Boston Symphony Orchestra on two dates next spring. In accordance with a University ruling, the programs will have no sponsor.

The Glee Club will present the Damnation of Faust by Berlioz on the first broadcast, March 4, and Bach's B Minor Mass on the second, April 22. This performance of the Mass will be the first since the Glee Club sang it five years ago, when the late Serge Konssevitsky was conducting the Boston Symphony.

During the week after the first program, Faust will be presented to New York and Washington audiences. The Glee Club will go on a four day tour to Carnegie Hall and Constitution Hall with the Boston Symphony and the Radcliffe Choral Society.

The Glee Club will also sing outside the United States for the first time since its 1920 European trip, when it travels to Canada during spring vacation. The itinerary includes Quebee, Toronto, Otawa, Kingston, and Hamilton.