Athletic Secretaries Cancel Rinehart-Wintergreen Game

For the first time in three years, Harvard Stadium will be vacant on Armistice Day. The House Athletic Secretaries have voted to fore-go the Crimson Bowl All-Star game between the Wintergreens and Rineharts.

Adolph W. Samborski '25, Director of intramural Athletics, said last night that the main reason for not scheduling the game for this Thursday, Armistice Day, was lack of undergraduate interest. "It was a wonderful idea, but there just wasn't enough interest," stated Samborski. He further pointed out that there was no available practice time for the All-Star teams this year.

"It takes ten days from House football, and breaks up the schedule," Samborski added.

Breaks Up Season

A further handicap, he pointed out, is that it tends to break up the House teams before the games with the Yale champions that always precede the varsity's traditional contest. "Only the All-Stars practice for the Crimson Bowl, the other players weren't interested. This splits up House teams before they meet their Yale counterparts in the annual House-College games."

"There was a great deal of interest for this game and the first Crimson Bowl game, but it has declined since the early crowds of more than 2,000 people," said Samborski. In the first game "Open University," drawn from Winthrop, Dunster, Kirkland, and Dudley defeated "Closed College" of Lowell, Eliot, Adams, and Leverett, 19 to 13.