Dunster House Votes Not to Join Dance Merger on Yale Weekend

Dunster House has refused to merge with five other Houses in staging a joint dance, with interchangeable tickets, after the Yale football game.

Eliot and Lowell Houses will stage formal dances on Friday night, as they did two years ago, while Adams, Dudley, Kirkland, Leverett, and Winthrop will combine to give the Saturday night dances.

Dunster desires to set a limit on the number of couples that will be admitted, in order to avoid overcrowding, Gerald A. Lewis '55, Chairman of its dance Committee, said yesterday. "I don't see how you can reasonably limit the number of couples on an interchangeable ticket basis," he stated. "Furthermore, without the incentive of competition, there would be a tendency, at least, for the quality of the dance to suffer."

Inter-House Dance Committee Chairman Carl A. Goldman '55 said yesterday that the number of tickets sold for the joint dance would coincide with the total fire-law capacity of the five Houses. He said he expected the merger of the Dance Committees "to save money and offer better entertainment to the Harvard-Yale public."