Athletic Secretaries Will Consider Future of House All-Star Games

House Athletic Secretaries will meet today with Adolph W. Samborski '25, Director of Intramural Athletics, to consider the possibility of reinstating the Crimson All-Star match next year. The game will definitely not be played this year.

Only two of the Secretaries thought the Wintergreen-Rinehart contest might be arranged for the future.

Those favoring the contest agreed that it should not interrupt the regular House schedule. They contended that the players not practicing for the Bowl match would lose interest in the remaining league games.

"It would be ridiculous to split up the teams in the heat of the race," said Richard D. Simmons '55, Leverett House Athletic Secretary.

But if the All-Star game were to follow the regular season, it would have to come before Thanksgiving, since winter sports begin after the holiday. This would leave only a few days of practice for the Bowl contest.


James E. Donaghy '56, Adams Athletic Secretary, thought that "there was enough interest among the players to warrant holding the All-Star game," but he, too, stated that the league play should not be interrupted.

Both William A. Peck '55 and Thomas Bisbee '55, Secretaries of Kirkland and Winthrop, believed that the Wintergreen-Rinehart match would be anti-climactic after the Yale games.

"There is a natural let-down in interest as soon as the Yale game is over," Peck explained. "It would be pointless to play the game them."

"Yale is a fitting climax to the entire fall season," Bisbee said.

Samborski repeated his earlier observation that interest in the Bowl game has steadily decreased since its inception three years ago.