Olivar Denies Coaching Job At California

Yale football coach Jordan Olivar last night denied current reports from the west coast that he would replace Lynn "Pappy" Waldorf as head coach of the University of California football team.

Olivar, who has never really transferred his business interests to the East, has led a list of likely successors to Waldorf for several months. The Eli mentor coached the team of Loyola, of California, before coming to Yale in 1950 to replace Herman Hickman.

Waldorf, who has been at California since 1948, is coaching the poorest team of his career will the Bears. It has won only three out of seven games this season. Dissatisfied alumni this fall have stirred up a move to replace him.

Students Choose Coaches

In Now Haven, Olivar said he had no interest in any offer to coach on the coast again. "I am very happy at Yale and have no interest in any offer on the coast," he said. "In fact, I haven't received any such offer."


Any move to remove Waldorf must originate with the student body at the university. An undergraduate group called the Associated Students of the University of California is responsible for nominating a new coach in any sport. Their selection is subject only to the approval of the university's President. Technically, the alumni have no say in hiring and firing.

The chairman of this student group, Dick Marsten, said last night that Waldorf has signed a now three year contract which would keep him as coach until the end of the 1956 season. Marsten squelched further rumors that Waldorf would leave by announcing that he has been named head coach of the West team in the annual Shrine football game against the East.