Bequest Adds $200,000 To Endowment Fund In Physics Research

Approximately $200,000 will be given to the Physical Research Endowment Fund from the estate of Theodore Lyman '97, Hollis Professor of Natural Philosophy, emeritus, the Norfolk Probate Court ruled yesterday.

The fund, used for research in physics and electronics, had assets of nearly $650,000 at the time of Lyman's death.

Lyman, who died Oct. 11, was director of the fund from its establishment in 1931 until his retirement in 1947. The Lyman Laboratory of Physics was named after him in recognition of his directorship since 1910 and his service as Hollis Professor since 1921.

The Brookline resident specified in the will that one-eighth of his estimated estate of $3,400,000 go to the research fund, another eighth to the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, and the rest to his relatives and employees.

The Brigham Hospital, located in Boston, is one of several local hospitals affiliated with the Harvard Medical School.