Dunster May Win Cup Again As Puritans Remain Second

Dunster, last year's Straus trophy winner, remains in a strong position to repeat as winter sports resume after the exam period layoff.

The Funsters picked up ground on all competitors during the first half of the winter season by taking the lead in both basketball leagues. Winthrop, their closest competitors for this year's trophy, could do no better than seconds in hockey and squash.

As second semester play begins, Dunster leads the Puritans by 62 Straus trophy points, 697 to 635. The other six Houses are bunched together in groups of three, Leverett, Lowell, and Kirkland fighting for third place, and Adams, Dudley, and Eliot for sixth. Only 12 points separate Leverett at 597 and Kirkland at 585, and Adams, with 565, has only a five point lead over last place Eliot.

Most of Dunster's points this winter have come from its dominance of both basketball leagues.

With two men, Burt Berson and Jim Jones, averaging more than ten points a game, the A league Dunces finished the first half of the season one full game ahead of Leverett. Berson is leading scorer with 99 points, a 14.1 average.

Leverett beat Dunster in overtime early in this season, but the Funsters took over undisputed first place when Dudley upset the Bunnies 89 to 37 on the last day of play before exams. Lowell had beaten Leverett previously.

The A team race this semester promises to be strictly a two team race between these teams. Leverett, led by Paul Donovan and Dan Mayers, with 67 and 61 points respectively, must beat Dunster this Monday to remain in contention.

Kirkland Third

Kirkland, in third, with a 4 and 3 record, has only an outside chance. The Deacons, however, do have the league's second highest scorer in Don Brennan, who has counted 85 points, a 12.1 average.

Dunster was undefeated in B league play last semester, but will feel the loss of Bob Walser, who broke his ankle just before exams. Six foot four inch Harold Collard and five foot eight inch Don Spenser will have to take up the slack, as Kirkland, 5 and 2, will try to catch up.


Dudley's Dragons are in seventh place in overall standings, but they are running away with the hockey championship. The high-scoring Dragons sport a tight defense built and around goalie Dick Driscoll. On offense, their first line, consisting of Paul Corcoran, George Leary, and Paul Brennan, has helped Dudley average more than four goals a game in their five straight victories.

Winthrop and Eliot, both defeated once, have a fair chance to catch the Dragons. Dudley eliminated a third contender, Adams, 5 to 0, Wednesday night.


Lowell has dominated squash play, taking first place in both A and B leagues. Winthrop has offered stiff resistance, tying the Bellboys for the A league lead. The Puritans are also only a half game behind in the B league race. Eliot, a close third in both leagues, is another threat.

Dunster is leading the C league, closely followed by Winthorp and Lowell.