Taffrail Changes Rules To Get Dean's Approval

Taffrail Club officers will submit a new constitution with rewritten provisions on compulsory dues paying and membership to the Dean's Office and the Student Council today.

Dean Watson and the Council on Wednesday refused to approve the Club until certain clauses in its constitution which made membership and the paying of dues compulsory for all NROTC students were changed. If it considers the new constitution satisfactory, the Council's will probably approve the Club at its Monday meeting.

Tentative Approval

Taffrail Club president Robert L. Jenkins '54 said last night that he had shown the proposed revisions in the constitution to Watson and Council president Clifford L. Alexander '55, and that both had expressed tentative approval. They will receive finally revised copies today.

Officers of the Army Unity's Caisson Club will probably take no action to revise certain ambiguous membership and dues paying clauses in their constitution until after their Monday meeting. At this meeting, Lt. Col. Trevor N. Dupuy, professor of Military Science, will explain to Club officers Watson's objections to certain "cloudy" points in its constitution.

Watson last night paraphrased what he expected the revised provision of the Taffrail constitution to say: "All members of the NROTC unit are eligible for active membership in the Taffrail Club. Contributions will be collected from all active members."

"This is all we want," he said. "It removes all compulsion."

Dean Hits Compulsion

The Taffrail Club is a social organization to which, according to present rules, all NROTC students must belong and pay dues. In refusing to approve the club, Dean Watson said, "Harvard's policy has always been one of voluntary membership in undergraduate organizations. It is not in the spirit of things to force students to join or pay dues."