Contributors to College Set New Record in 1953

Alumni Gifts Larger Despite 'Red' Hunts

Despite investigations of the faculty and attacks by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, the College received more alumni contributions in 1953 than in any other previous year, President Pusey announced yesterday.

In addition, he said, alumni from the College and the graduate schools of law, Medicine, Business, Design, Education, Public Administration, and Arts and Sciences contributed the highest total of money in the University's history.

A total of 27,387 contributors gave $1,005,482 to all the alumni funds, compared to 24,718 givers and $917,427 in 1952.

For the first time, over 16,000 alumni contributed to the College Fund last year. A total of 16,253 contributors gave $537,790. In 1952, 15,643 alumni gave $527,803.

Pusey noted that in the last half of 1953 all the funds showed an increase in gifts. This was the same time McCarthy accused the University faculty of Communist and Communist sympathizer infiltration.


Foundation Gifts Decline

Gifts to other alumni funds for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1953, were:

Law School Fund, 3,870 persons giving $195,028, compared to 3,045 persons giving $111,545 in 1951-52.

Business School Fund, 2,925 persons giving $103,980, compared to 2,292 persons giving $79,143 in 1951-52.

Medical School Fund, 3,136 persons giving $119,833, compared to 2,881 persons giving $118,434 in 1951-52.

The Foundation for Advanced Study and Research, consisting of the Graduate Schools of Arts and Sciences, Education, Design, and Public Administration, showed a decline: 1,193 persons giving $48,641, compared to 1,357 persons giving $80,502 in 1951-52.