'News' Poll Indicates 'Cliffe Favors Taking Exams Under Honor System

Radcliffe students do not want the academic honor system abolished. In answer to a Radcliffe News poll conducted last week, 292 of 300 girls questioned said they thought exams should continue under the honor system.

Ninety people replied, however, that they knew of cheating on exams. Only nine students said they had definitely observed "violations" of the honor system, and seven thought they had seen actual cheating.

In answer to the question, "Would you report a girl who you were sure was cheating if she failed to report herself?" 151 said no, 115 said yes, and 24 were undecided. Those who said that they would not report a girl argued that they could never be sure she was cheating and they felt that such a charge was too serious to make without proof.

Emphasis Said Misplaced

Some felt the emphasis was misplaced. They said the honor system is an individual matter and should stress personal honor, rather than the reporting of others.


Lois A. Dickson '54, student council president, said yesterday, "I feel that in any review or evaluation of the system, the results of this poll will be helpful. However, the poll cannot be considered a conclusive report on Radcliffe sentiments, since it represents the opinions of only one-third of the students."

Anny Werman '55, editor of the News, said the poll showed people were taking the honor system with proper seriousness.