Middlesex D.A. May Ask Indictment Against Furry for Teachers' Oath

George E. Thompson, District Attorney of Middlesex County, may ask the March session of the grand jury to indict Wendell H. Furry, associate professor of Physics, for alleged violation of the Massachusetts Teachers' Oath.

The District Attorney is expected to announce Monday whether he intends to press a March indictment or not, his office said yesterday.

Members of Thompson's staff and the State Police have been studying evidence in the Furry case for several months, the office said. Earlier plans had called for submission of evidence against Furry to the February session of the grand jury, but at that time the District Attorney decided upon further study.

In originally announcing his intention to ask for grand jury action, Thompson indicated that other teachers in Massachusetts educational institutions might be charged with violating the 1949 Teachers' Oath. It is believed that the District. Attorney has also been investigating the case of Leon J. Kamin '49, research fellow in Social Relations and another frequent witness before legislative committees.