Band Will Skate, Play At Yale Hockey Game

The Harvard Band will take to the ice in one of its most novel performances--this time before the Yale hockey game, March 6 at the Boston garden.

The show will feature a drill with 35 members skating to the accompaniment of the rest of the band in the stands. After forming a large Y at the middle of the ice, the skaters will then collapse it against the end boards to the tune of "Oh where, Oh Where Has My Little Dig Gone?" The band's theme song since the Yale football game this fall.

According to Richard C. Rogers '56 drillmaster of the band, they will form an II to skate off the Ice. The band director, G. Wright Briggs '31 and the twirler will both be on skates also.

The drill will mark the first time that an eastern band has attempted such a stunt, although it is reported that one of the mid-western bands did it several years ago . It was conceived by Manager Alan S. Novick '55, Arnold H. Aronson '56 and Rogers, who thought up the details of the drill itself.