Lamont Outdoes Circulation Mark

Lamont Library's circulation increased almost 500 percent over normal circulation figures during the reading and examination period, to set a new January record.

As different members of the student body entered and left the building over 5,000 times a day, the number of books in use soared. On the busiest day, Jan. 16, a total of 3,405 books, exclusive of the thousands in open stacks, were signed out.

Of these, 1,998 were overnight books on reserve, the highest figure for overnight circulation in any one day.

Under normal, non-examination period conditions, about 700 books are signed out at desk three each day.

In the entire month of January, a total of 55,072 reserve books circulated. The number represents an average of roughly 12 books requested by each student in the College during the month.

Philip J. McNiff, Lamont's head librarian, reported that only a "limited amount" of books have been found missing this year, not exceeding "the irregularity ot be expected in a group of over 4,000."

But he emphasized that stealing books leads to severance of connection, according to the parietal rules. "The University is not inclined to be lenient with any persons it now knows to have taken books illegally," he added.