The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The statement issued yesterday to the Boston Post envisions policies with which we cannot concur under any circumstances. We must emphasize that these statements were made by individuals, or group of individuals, unqualified to represent the proposed organization as a whole.

The concept of individual rights as established and guaranteed by law is the basis of all true conservatism. We do not condone any effort by self-appointed investigators to coerce individuals or to restrict their enjoyment of these rights. We cannot understand why men who say they are ashamed of Harvard and its academic freedom continue to attend the college.

We still believe, as the CRIMSON agreed, that there is a need for a sound, intelligent expression of the Conservative attitude; but we find it necessary to divorce ourselves completely from the policies of Quinlan J. Shea and his followers.

We should like to express our gratitude for the fair and objective coverage which the CRIMSON has given us.


Burton Berkley '55, William W. Cancelmo '54, Spencer Ervin, Jr. '54, Robert Goar '54, and Joel Green 31.