Gov. 1a, 1b May Be Switched Again; Cherington, Campbell Split on Plan

Government 1b and 1a might be interchanged again next year, Alan K. Campbell, instructor in government, said yesterday.

This year it was decided to give 1b in the fall and 1a in the spring, inverting the normal order.

Charles R. Cherington '35, professor of Government and lecturer in 1b upheld the present system. He said last night that it is better to teach institutional government before theory.

Campbell also pointed out that "most students prefer the 1b arrangement because they find it easier to understand constitutionalism than the difficult views of Plato and Aristotle."

Section Men Split


Section men say that it is easier to understand modern government after reading the theories behind it, he added. Campbell felt, however, that section men were about evenly divided on the swap, though he wasn't sure what the results of a vote would be.

"I, myself, am not sure yet, whether it should be changed or not," Campbell continued. "I think it's a little too early to make the final decision."

No official vote of the instructors will be needed before making a swap. An informal discussion will take place with the final decision up to the heads of the course.