Faculty Expected to Decide Today On Plan for Engineering Degree

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is expected to vote today on the proposed five-year plan for a Bachelor of Science degree, which would be awarded by the Division of Applied Science.

At its meeting, the Faculty will also bring up again the controversial Advanced Standing Plan.

The B.S. degree plan, as announced Friday, represents the University's first effort to compete with engineering schools, and at the same time to provide science concentrators with a liberal education.

The engineering degree would not be given in any one branch of the field, such as mechanical or civil, but there will be enough room in the fifth year of study for a student to achieve a high degree of specialization.

A second round of debate and discussion on the Advanced Standing Plan will begin today when the plan is presented to the faculty.

It is very likely, however, that this plan, which would allow certain qualified students to enter as sophomores, and others to enter the freshman class after only three years of high school will not be voted on.

Two amendments to the plan were defeated at the last meeting.

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