Study Finds School Administrators Subject to 'Unbearable' Pressures

Pressures upon administrators of Massachusetts public school systems are often "heavy and well-high unbearable," the University School Executive Studies declared in a report Friday.

Neal Gross, lecturer at the Graduate School of Education and Director of the Studies, made the group's first report at the Annual School Board Conference of the New England School Development Council at the Hotel Commander.

On the basis of interviews with approximately one half of the school superintendents in Massachusetts, Gross reported, "Many of hem are dissatisfied and frustrated; many of them are disgusted with the frequent efforts to make a community football out of so crucial a matter as public education.

"Many of them are caught in the vise of tremendous cross-pressures," he added.

Among these pressures were protests and demands concerning all aspects of education from controversial teaching matter to athletics.


Slanted Teaching

Forty-nine percent of the 105 superintendents interviewed reported receiving objections in a recent 12-month period about views expressed by teachers, Gross stated. At the same time, he added, 13 percent received demands that teachers express certain points of view in the classroom.

Forty-nine percent faced demands from the community for less emphasis on athletics, while 58 percent were under pressure for more sports emphasis.