House Ups Tax Exemptions; Ivy May Cut Price of Tickets

Any Cuts Contingent On House Ticket Bill

Representatives from eight Ivy League colleges will meet this spring to consider cutting the prices of athletic tickets, Carroll F. Getchell, Business Manager of the H.A.A., announced yesterday.

This is a direct result of Congress' recent reduction of the tax imposed on collegiate athletic events. The extent of the tax cut is not yet definite, but it is certain to be at least ten percent.

A bill passed by the House of Representatives early in the year cut the tax from its present 20 percent to ten percent, but the Senate Finance Committee recently voted to drop the lovy altogether.

Certain of Passage

The Finance Committee bill is almost certain of Senate approval. But once passed it will have to face a joint Congressional committee to iron out differences between the House and Senate bills.


The joint committee's proposals are given good chances of being approved by both houses.

Getchell said that the H.A.A. is "sitting tight" on any possible cuts until Congressional decision is final. The Ivy Group's spring discussion, he added, will not necessarily bind the eight colleges to one policy on ticket prices.

Although the ticket question will most probably be discussed at this meeting, the spring get-together has been scheduled as a regular part of the new Ivy Group agreement.