The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

In your recent editorial "Movie Moguls-Home Grown" you enunciated two principles which I find odious, and must take issue with. These are (1) the United Nations Council and the Liberal Union are engaged in "profit-making" activities in their film ventures; and (2) that Ivy Films is the only group which has a legitimate reason for showing films on campus.

Profit-making activities are defined by the United States Treasury according to the nature of the organization, not the activity. Inasmuch as the United Nations Council is a non-profit organization engaged in an educational function its activities by definition cannot be considered "profit-making." I imagine the same applies for the Liberal Union.

The motivation of Ivy Film is not as pure as you would have it seem. Ivy shows movies to gain the money to make movies. Thus for Ivy, like us all, showing movies is not an end in itself. We must further remember that Ivy was not the first group on campus to show films; apparently the Dean's Office considered other groups to have legitimate reasons also.

Nor is Ivy the only group with an interest in movies as an art form. The United Nations Council's Unesco Division-the "C" is for "cultural"- also has an interest in international art forms. Although the Council has seen fit to withdraw temporarily from the film business the UNESCO Division is currently the sponsor of a folk dance series-and is not making a penny out of it. Sincerely,   Samuel Olevsen '54