Unknown Donor Gives $430,000 to 'Cliffe Fund Drive

Radcliffe's $2,000,000 fund drive for a new Graduate Quadrangle has been bolstered by an anonymous gift of $430,000, President Wilbur K. Jordan announced yesterday.

With the new contribution, the total collection now stands at $690,000, more than a third of the announced goal. The fund drive began in late November, 1953.

Some $1,400,000 of the drive's goal will cover the cost of the new buildings, while the remaining $600,000 will be used to provide graduate fellowships. Radcliffe hopes to have the Quadrangle ready for dedication in the fall of 1955.

Alumnae Giving Increases

Mrs. Hollis G. Gerrish, President of the College's Alumnae Association, reported yesterday that since the announcement of the drive Radcliffe alumnae have supported it at two-and-a-half times the normal rate of alumnae giving. Except for the large anonymous gift, the funds so far have come primarily from parents and alumnae of the College, she added.


The new Quadrangle, to be located behind the Radcliffe Health Center, on Brattle and Ash Sts., will house approximately 150 graduate students and provide meeting and dinning facilities for 300. Designed in the Georgian style like other Radcliffe buildings, the Graduate Center will include a number of recreation rooms and lounges.

At present 39 of Radcliffe's 300 graduate students live in three small off-campus dormitories, and the rest are scattered in private lodgings throughout Cambridge.