Radcliffe Receives Highest Number Of Applications in Recent History

Applications to Radcliffe will be higher this year than at any time in the past decade, the Office of Admissions announced yesterday.

The Class of '58 will definitely be larger than this year's freshman class, the Office simultaneously announced. The Class of '57 has an enrollment of 262. The Office explained the greater number of admissions will be due to the exceptionally large graduating Class of '54.

For the past ten years there has been a steady increase in application figures, the Admissions Office said. This increase is an example of a trend in most of the nation's colleges.

65 Applications on Last Day

On March 1, the last day applications could be accepted, the office reported a ten percent increase over last year. Applications had been running steadily ahead of last year's figures. A last minute rush of 65 applications reached the Admissions Office the final day.

The rise in the number of applications was probably caused by increased efforts in the past three years to publicize Radcliffe throughout the country, the office reported.

Figures on geographical distribution and scholarships are not yet available.