Glee Club May Escape Rule Against Sponsors

NBC Radio Concerts Might Be Permitted

The Harvard-Radcliffe Glee Club could conceivably appear on a sponsored radio program next year despite a current University ruling to the contrary, Dean Leighton stated yesterday.

The ruling is "a general one rather than a flat one, and this kind of case would be open to consideration," the Dean of Students said. He thus opened the door for Glee Club performances over the nationwide N.B.C. radio network even if these concerts should have commercial sponsorship.

G. Wallace Woodworth '24, Glee Club conductor, greeted the possibility of national broadcasts with enthusiasm. "It would be a privilege to enlarge our audience," he said.

But James L. Pratt '55, club manager, said last night he thought the University ruling forbidding student organizations to appear on sponsored radio or television programs a good one. Lifting the rule in one case might set a precedent harmful to the University, he added.

Glee Club Eager


He emphasized, however, that "the Glee Club is eager to continue its relationship with the Boston Symphony Orchestra."

Thomas D. Perry, Jr., new manager of the Symphony, said Wednesday that the College choral group is expected to join in at least one of the B.S.O.'s nationally broadcast concerts next year. This would continue the singing group's 30-year tradition of giving joint performances with the local orchestra.

An N.B.C. agreement to broadcast the Symphony concerts could also enhance the Glee Club's finances, Perry added. He suggested that the radio contract would increase fees received by the club for non-benefit performances with the B.S.O.