Phillips Brooks House To Sponsor Radcliffe Associates Next Year

Redcliffe girls will serve next year as associates of the 200-member PBH Social Service Committee, Douglas W. Hunt '55, chairman of this year's committee announced yesterday. As associates, Hunt stated, the girls will enjoy all but voting privileges.

A technicality in the Phillips Brooks House charter prohibits the awarding of membership to anyone except students of the University. Aside form the fact that they cannot vote in House elections, Radcliffe Associates will be accorded privileges exactly the same as those of University members.

Neil Hastie '52, graduate secretary of PBH, yesterday stated that the new coeducation program is part of a two-point plan which will bring more Radcliffe girls into social service and consequently interest more Harvard students in this type of work.

At the same time Hastie announced that PBH is sending volunteers to work in the State Prison in Charlestown and in the Women's Reformatory at Framingham. At the prison, the students will do individual tutorial work while at Framingham the volunteers will teach classes. The new program is headed by James H. Durand '56.

The prison work and other services of PBH volunteers will be portrayed in a 20-minute movie to be made next year by Ivy Films. The film will be shown by Harvard Clubs and community centers throughout the country.