Police Get Description of Burglar After Hollis Robbery Attempt Fails

The thief who Wednesday stole $177 from five unlocked Business School rooms was very likely the man who unsuccessfully raided a Hollis Hall proctor's suite yesterday Matthew J. Toohy, University Police Captain announced last night.

Mark W. Cannon 2PA, yesterday's near-theft victim, identified the criminal as slim, five feet-seven inches tall, about 23 years old, and as wearing light clothes. This same robber, Toohy said, is probably responsible as well for thefts this year in Dunster, Leverett, and Eliot Houses and at the Law School's Hastings Hall.

Pattern Followed

"This is the first time we have had any evidence of the criminal's identity." the police captain noted.

At the same time, Toohy announced that the Boston Police Department will work with the University Police in trying to find the thief. The Dunster and Business School robberies are the biggest the College has had in 20 years, Toohy added.

Cannon spotted the robber in his room at 2:30 a.m. yesterday. The thief, evidently fearing capture, fled without any of Cannon's belongings.

Yesterday's robbery followed a pattern common to all the thefts in the University this year. Toohy said the criminal has each time raided an unlocked room early in the morning.