Stores in Three States Complain About 'Harvard' Bad-Check Passer

Merchants in three Middle Atlantic states have filed complaints with the University about a young man, purporting to be a Harvard student, who has passed numerous bogus checks in recent weeks.

The forger, who uses the name Richard John Maher, is definitely not a student in the University, but has managed to successfully use various types of identification cards, including a local meal ticket, to cash his checks. It is not known whether he is in possession of a bursar's card.

Operating in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, "Maher" generally confines his purchases to clothing stores, and makes small purchases by checks. These average about $25, and are "drawn" no banks throughout the country.

Detectives have visited stores in the Square to warn merchants to be on the look-out for the forger. Police have not, however, received complaints indicating that "Maher" is operating in this area.