Lacrosse Players Meet MIT Today

Bruce Munro will be worrying more about injuries than about M.I.T. this afternoon when his varsity lacrosse team moots the Engineers on the muddy Business School Field.

With the big games with Penn, Dartmouth, and Yale coming closer, two or three key injures could hurt the squad severely. The mud and cold today will be ideal for pulled muscles and sprains.

Reserves Will Play

So the Crimson coach will probably keep his regulars on the bench as much as possible and put the burden of play on his reserves.

John Dawidoff, John Howard, and John Lane form the second attack, which has spent the season so far watching Monk Aiello, Ed Curtis, and Phil Waring from the bench. Midfielders Dink King, Dave Rogers, Fuzzy Stuart, Evan Spelfogel, and Paul Corcoran have played little, but should see considerable action today. Larry Devoe will get in at defense, and John Ogden and Gordon Fair will spell starting goalie Stave DenHartog.

The three regular midfields will be Fred Horween, Tod Goodwin, and Karl Bjork; Chuck Edwards, Skip Baldwin, and Jim Telfer--Lane, perhaps, for Telfer; and Tim Anderson, Albie Wells, and Dexter Lewis.

The freshmen, still smarting from the 11 to 0 thrashing by Exeter Saturday, will have little trouble against the visiting Tufts freshmen. Mark Rhine will start in the goal; Captain Dave Newhall, Brewster Righter, and Les Moulton at defense.