Soviet Revolutionary Leader Says Russia Leading in Propaganda Race

Russia is leading the United States and other free countries in the race to reach the masses of the world, a leader of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution and last night.

"Let us not fool ourselves, we have not reached the hearts of the masses in Africa, Asia, or even in Italy or France. But the Communists have, by promises and other false methods," I N. Steinberg, who quit the Revolutionary Government in 1918 and came to the United States, told a Liberal Union forum.

Steinberg was a leader of the left wing of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, one of the groups which formed a coalition with the Bolsheviks in November of 1917.

To counteract Russia's success in the cold war, he called on the youth of the free world to mobilize and spend a few years abroad with those masses to "bring them the spirit of a free people."

Steinberg, author of the book, "In the Workshop of the Revolution," spent most of his two hour talk analyzing the thinking and actions of the Bolshevik leaders, which led to his eventual resignation from the Revolutionary government.

The Bolsheviks' use of violence, their relations with the peasants and workers, and their failure to continue the world war caused the Socialist Revolutionary Party to turn against the Bolsheviks, he said.

"Bolshevism as such cannot be changed by democratic means," he said. "It is inhuman the way it is set up, always seeking to wipe out its foes."

When the Bolsheviks signed the treaty of Brest-Litovsk, the peace treaty with the Germans in 1918, Steinberg said he and his fellow Socialist Revolutionaries determined to resign from the government.