Varsity Lacrosse Team Wins 16 to 2 Victory Over Out-Manned MIT

Six Crimson midfields and every substitute on the bench frolicked through the mud to a 16 to 2 victory over the M.I.T. lacrosse team yesterday on the Business School Field.

Monk Aiello led the scoring with two goals in the first half and two more in the final seconds of play. Ed Curtis waited for his first goal until the final minute, converting Aiello's third assist. Phil Waring had three goals, Tedd Goodwin and Jack Howard two, and Dexter Lewis, John Lane, Fred Horween, and Skip Baldwin one apiece.

After a dull first half in which the regulars moved to a 9 to 0 lead, Bruce Munro played an all-reserve team for the third period and most of the fourth.

Freshman Coach Bob Pickett also cleared the bench as his squad beat the Tufts freshmen 9 to 5. Jim Gale, Mike Holmes, and MacLay Hyde scored twice each, while Ed Ansin, Mulhulm, and Mike Clemm scored a goal apiece.