Conservative League Gains Faculty Committee Approval

Walson Says Group Meets Requirements

The Harvard Conservative League, one-time advocate of spying tactics on suspected Communists at the University, yesterday easily passed its final barrier toward recognition as an official undergraduate organization.

Following recommendations made by the Student Council two weeks ago, the Faculty Committee on Undergraduate Activities yesterday afternoon unanimously approved recognition of the League.

Dean Watson, speaking for the committee, stated that it could find no grounds on which to deny a charter. He said that so far as the committee could ascertain, the League had fulfilled all requirements necessary for official recognition.

In recommending recognition of the League, David P. Bicks '55, vice-president of the Council, warned the faculty committee to watch the group closely "because of past irresponsible activity." Watson, however, said the League would be treated as any other undergraduate organization.

No Conflict

"We considered the statement of the Council," he said, "but saw no conflict between this and any other group. We feel the Conservatives have just as much right as any other organization to organize."

The charter presented to the faculty by acting president Robert W. DuBose '55 made no mention of spying activities once advocated against students and faculty members but later denied by the League.

"We have to take what the organization states in its preamble as being true," Watson said. "We certainly don't read anything between the lines. It would be a great mistake to do so."

The Student Council gave its approval to the League on April 14.