ROTC Units Hold Inspection

The first joint mass inspection of the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC units at the College since 1949 took place yesterday afternoon at Briggs Cage.

Eight hundred students taking part in the hour-long parade and inspection ceremonies were reviewed by a special committee, consisting of three high ranking Army and Navy officers and several members of the Board of Overseers. Sixteen members of the Overseers' Visiting Committee to the Military, Naval, and Air Science Departments were also present.

Among the dignitaries at the review were Major General Roderick R. Allen, Brigadier General Dale Q. Smith, and Rear Admiral C. B. Monsen. John W. Hallowell, a member of the Board of Overseers, who served as chairman of the reviewing committee, gave the students a brief talk on their duties and goals as members of the ROTC program.

During the ceremonies 14 students received individual awards for achievement in the past year. Rhodes Scholar Eliot D. Hawkins '54 won the Shannon Medal as "the Cadet in the Senior Class who has attained the highest academic standing." Other Army award winners included Brian F. Reynolds '54, Michael Levinson '55 and William Zwilling '55.

Navy medals and citations went to Edward H. Sussenguth, Jr. '54, Rodman Dunbar Rhodes 1G, Robert C. Terry, Jr. '54, and Robert L. Jenkins '54.

Air Force awards were received by John A. Griner, III '54, James L. Peterson '54, Douglas K. Boyd '55, Francis D. Pitts, Jr. '54, and Frank A. Loda, Jr. '56.

The ceremonies were originally scheduled to be held on Soldiers Field, but were moved indoors on account of rainy weather.