While not meant to be pleasant, exams should at least be seen. Yet this year, ten shifts of students are scheduled to descend to Fogg Large Lecture Room for a squinting chance of seeing their exams. Its wretched lighting and discomfort have been a source of complaint for years, but Fogg still rates as one of the Administration's favorite testing grounds.

Reasons for this preference are hard to find. Fogg is a dingy room, and its chairs, especially over a three hour stretch, are more backbreaking than most. Besides this uninspiring setting, students take a ten minute handicap in switching their eyes to night vision. Fogg's chief asset is its equipment for Fine Arts slide tests. But this is small consolation when the normally subdued lighting is turned down even further when slides are shown.

Using Fogg for exams is hardly necessary. Burr B with a larger seating capacity, is often free during exams scheduled in Fogg. While its alpine slope may seem a strain on the University's policy of minimum temptation, by scattering students properly, Burr could be just as safe. Moreover, both Burr A and B are equipped for slides and offer pin point lighting, so that students can write while the room is dark.

Although the examination listings are already posted, there is still time to shuffle exams out of Fogg. Changes in location do involve some confusion, but three weeks is long enough for good news to spread around.