Israeli U.N. Delegate Claims Arabs Seek Destruction of Zionist State

The Arab states have never been sincerely interested in securing peace in Palestine and are, in fact, dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state, Arthur Liveran, Israeli U.N. delegate, told a College audience Saturday.

"The cold light of history," said Liveran, "shows that the Arabs first took up arms against the U.N. resolution and against Israel and then, failing by aggressive means, have tried to use the resolution itself to accomplish their purposes."

The Arabs, who have been claiming that the refugee problem is "the most important single problem arising out of Zionism in Palestine," are not at all interested in settling the refugee problem, said Liveran. They are only interested in keeping the conflict alive so that the hatred it engenders will keep the Arab political leaders in power, he asserted.

"Israel Wants Peace"

"The problem is simply this," he concluded. "Israel wants peace and nothing else from the Arabs. The Arabs will use any demand, however false or ludicrous to cover up their shameful attitude of no; wanting peace. Unless they change this attitude, little can be expected from them that will foster peace and stability in the Middle East. It is therefore up to the U.N. and whatever powers are sincerely interested in peace, to bring it about."

Liveran's speech followed an attack by Syria's chief U.N. delegate, Rafik Asha, who claimed that Israel has refused to take care of its Arab refugees as called for in the U.N. plan for partition of Palestine.