17 Running for Class Day Committee; Seniors Will Select Ten Tomorrow

The Class of 1954 votes today and tomorrow for ten members of the Class Day Committee. Elections will take place in Dudley Hall this afternoon and evening and at luncheon and dinner tomorrow in all Houses.

Seventeen names will appear on the ballot, all from the Class of '54:

Charles E. Baldwin of Leverett House, Worth Bingham of Leverett House, Edward J. Carey of Winthrop House, Arthur L. Coburn of Leverett House, John T. Comerford of Leverett House, Robert H. Dean of Leverett House, James R. Donovan of Adams House, John W. Downing, Jr. of Leverett House, Stephen E. Furst of Lowell House.

Also, John B. Hartwell of Leverett House, William F. King of Leverett House, Harold S. Levy of Lowell House, Charles S. McCarthy of Winthrop House, Donald J. Mulvey of Leverett House, Paul J. Redmond of Leverett House, Hanson S. Reynolds of Kirkland House, David R. Stefferud of Leverett House, and Edward H. Steffenguth of Leverett House.

Committee Duties

Seniors will also be asked on the same ballot to register their approval or disapproval of the class constitution.

Duties of the Class Day Committee consist of planing and arranging for the celebration and festivities in the graduation week, and include the appointment of junior ushers.

Commencement Week begins on Sunday, June 13, and goes through Thursday, June 17.