New Rules Outlaw Explosives From Students' Rooms

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences yesterday added firecrackers and explosives to the list of articles students are forbidden to keep in their rooms. Dean Delmar Leighton '17 refused to say last night whether the rule change came as a result of an accident following the Freshman Smoker March 9 involving firecrackers.

One student, later expelled for the prank, was severely injured after the Smoker when a firecrackers he lit in the Radcliffe Yard blew up in his face. Leighton refused to comment "as an official" but did not deny there was a connection between the Faculty action and the Smoker accident. He said only, "This is the same year."

The Faculty voted to continue the ban upon firearms and ammunition and extend it to include "explosives, firecrackers, and their potential ingredients."

Another change in this section gives College officials more latitude in punishing offenses. Where before, violation "may lead to severance of connection," the new rule provides for "severe disciplinary action."

Leighton felt it was "extremely dubious" that a student caught with an unexploded firecracker would be severed. "The new rule is purposely vague for this reason," he explained.


"This was not the first time a ban on firecrackers has been discussed, however," Leighton said. "It was seriously considered when the firearms restriction was passed shortly after the war ended."

Enforcement will remain with the Housemasters and proctors, he added.