Manager Council Asks Minor Letter Revision

Two Minor Awards Would Be Equal to One Major Letter

All athletes who have received at least four minor letters in two or more sports will automatically get a major award if a recommendation by the Undergraduate Manager Counsil is approved, it was learned last night.

The recommendation, part of an overall study of the letter system at the College, will go before the Undergraduate Athlete Council tonight. If approved by this body, it will be submitted to the Faculty for an almost certain final ratification.

For the past few months, the Managers' Council has been making a careful study, under its own initiative, of the methods by which athletes and managers receive letters in the various major and minor sports. The council feels that an athlete who is good enough to play on varsity teams in two minor sports should receive some added recognition. A minor award is a letter; a major award includes the sweeter with it.

Extends to Manager

In addition, the Council, headed by Charles W. Bingham '55, has suggested that any manager who receives three minor letters, should also receive a major award.

After studying reports of nine different sports made by the manager, coach, and squad members, the Counsil recommended that the swimming team allow the Brown meet to count toward a letter. Up to now, only meets with the Eastern Intercollegiate Swimming League were used in determining letters. Brown is not in the league.

The Council gave complete approval to the methods the crow, football, pistol, ski, and fencing teams use in issuing letters. The first two are major sports; the fast three minor. The Council found complaints with the tennis, squash, and cross-country teams' methods of giving letters and in seeking corrective measures. All three sports are minor.

Unfair to Individuals

In those sports, a player often makes the team and competes against outside opponents, but never qualified for a letter. The Council feels that this is not fair to the individuals.

Four major sports, track, basketball, baseball, and hockey, have not yet filed complete reports on their systems of issuing letters.