Thayer North, Hollis Meet In Basketball Final Tonight

Thayer North, with a perfect 9-0 record, seeks its tenth straight against Hollis (8-1) in the championship game of the first half of the freshman intramural basketball program. The game starts at 7:30 p.m. at the I.A.B.

The finalists represent the two leagues, the American (Thayer) and the National (Hollis), into which the 20 freshman teams are divided. The leagues will be reorganized for the second half of the schedule, with the ten best teams, according to won and lost records, being grouped together.

Thayer, led by forwards Colin Church and Ted Moskowitz, has a fast break offense averaging over 40 points per game. "Tonight we will start five six-footers," said player-manager Moskowitz, "although we will substitute freely, as good reserves have been our strength."

Hollis will also try to continue a winning streak, having won eight after dropping its initial contest. Center Charles Mallone has been the top scorer, but the team is well balanced, said manager Jim Kincaid, who plans frequent substitutions.

The winner of this game will automatically finish at least second in the final basketball standings, as it will play the winner of the second half for the overall championship.

Freshman intramural competition will begin again after the exam period, with the new basketball schedule. Late in February teams in hockey and basketball will be organized. A decision to relegate hockey to the status of a minor sport was made at the last meeting of the freshman intramural managers.

Because of the large number of freshmen out for intercollegiate hockey competition, there is a smaller group available to play intramural this year than before. Besides changing the status of the sport, this has made a new dormitory team set-up necessary. Grays, Matthews, Thayer, and Wigglesworth will each enter a team. Lionel and Mower will combine, as will Holwarthy and Stoughton, Hollis, Massachusetts, and Straus, and Apley, Dudley, and Weld.