Graduate Council To Approve Plan

The Harvard-Radcliffe Graduate Student Council which represents six graduate schools approved in principle an agreement, proposed by the College, for combining the annual charity drives of both undergraduates and graduates, in its Wednesday night meeting.

Although the Council disagreed with some of the wording of the agreement, it authorized the chairman of its combined charities committee to sign it. The college combined charities committee accepted informally yesterday the Council's recommended changes. They were agreed to in a meeting between David M. Dorsen '56 and Edward M. Strasser '56, co-chairmen of the undergraduate committee, and an unnamed graduate committee member. The understanding will probably be formally signed this Monday.

Although the agreement states that each school should be responsible for handing its own funds, the undergraduates will accept over-all direction of the drive.

"By combining costs will be reduced, and we hope that it will be possible to collect a greater amount this year than last," Strasser said.