Williams Praises Allotment Terms Of Divinity Grant

Although no one knows to what extent the Divinity School will share in a recent $20 million gift to further American theological education, Acting Dean George H. Williams last night praised the gift and, in particular, the way it will be administered.

The Rockefeller Foundation has presented the donation to a subsidiary group, the Sealantic Fund, which, in turn, will make the final allocation of the funds. "This," according to Williams, "ensures an orderly and strategic use of this tremendous fund, so that even schools which are not direct recipients of a grant will benefit greatly in the comprehensive program envisaged."

When the actual allocation of the gift will begin is not known, but Williams termed the significance of the gift and several other recent gifts, as clear indications that "the whole concept of theological education in this country is going through a radical revision."

Williams included last year's gift of $3,000,000, also donated by the Rockefeller Fund, as one of the key factors in the revision of theological education. This program allows outstanding college graduates, who have not definitely decided to enter the ministry, to take a year's training in a leading theological school.