Yacht Club Will Start Drive for Own fleet, Boathouse

The Harvard Yacht club, offer Years of sailing in the dinghies of the Massachusetts of Technology, feels the time has come when it needs a fleet and boathouse of its own. The crimson sailors, who travel to M.I.T. three times a week, love taken two firsts and a second in the last three National Inter-Collegiate sailing Championships.

Until last fall the club was able to sail at M.I.T. four and sometimes five times each week. An increase in the number of schools which now depend on sharing the use of the Engineers' 52 dinghies has forced M.I.T. to ration out its flotilla more carefully.

The crimson Club now has a membership of about 50, but A. C. Langworthy '56, Vice-commodore, believes that a considerable number of would be sailors in the College have been kept away by the lack of any suitable place for them to learn the rudiments of sailing.

Architecte to make estimate

The club has asked several Naval Architects to work out an estimate of the money needed to equip and endow the club. They are working without fee. Langworthy believes the final figure may be $250,000.

The funds would be used to build the now boathouse, probably to be situated by the Harvard Bridge, opposite M.I.T., and to buy ten boats, the class of which would depend on the money raised, since prices very from $450 to $1000 per boat. M.I.T. uses its own specially designed dinghies, which cost around $500 each.

If the Club's committee eventually approves the plans, it will ask an alumni group to raise the necessary money. Similar to groups already in existence to support the baseball, crew, golf, and hockey teams, this organization. The friends of Harvard Sailing, was formed last year to send a sailing team to the National championships in California.

A Yacht Club boathouse in still some way off, however. Even after the funds are collected, Langworthy feels is will take at least two yeas before the building is completed. In the meantime, the club's first objective is to win back the championship lost to host M.I.T. in 1954.