'58 Tops College For Dean's List, Group I Students

Last year's freshman class placed the most men on the Dean's List, figures just released by the Registrar's Office reveal.

With 40.6 percent in the first three rank groups, the Class of '58 paced '56 with 39.9 percent, and '57 with 36.6. This was the second year in a row that an entering class led the College.

The Class of '58 also had the most students in Group I, 3.7 percent, and the fewest with unsatisfactory records, 11.8 percent. The Class of '57, with the fewest on the Dean's List, also found itself with the most students with unsatisfactory grades, 18.7 percent.

Group III was the most constant through the three classes. '58 again led with a 24 percent figure, but was closely followed by '56, with 23.9. Again '57 trailed, with 22 percent.

As usual, the majority of the College, 66.8 percent, was clumped in Groups III, IV, and V. Group I again had more men than Group VI. A total of 16.2 percent of the student had unsatisfactory records.

Last year's junior class placed a much larger number of men on the List than it had previously, while '57 had two percent fewer. In addition, 9 percent of '56 and 2.1 percent of '57 were in Group VI.