Freshman Eleven Will Seek Win From Weak Yale Team

Coach Bob Margarita's calm persistance on fundamentals seems to have paid of, as the freshmen enter New Haven this afternoon heavily favored to best the Bulldogs and pocket the Big Three title.

The Yardlings will be after their third win in four starts, while the Blue will seek to end a three game losing streak. Most significant of Yale's losses was to Princeton last week, 13 to 7. The freshmen skinned the Tiger 31-0. Both, however, fell to the Indians, the Blue 14 to 7 and the Crimson 19 to 0.

The Dartmouth game is the Yardlings' only loss and it was also the first game of the season. Since then, Margarita has steadily moulded his diversity into a powerful single-wing squad. "We are ready," he said last night in his most optimistic statement of the season.

Margarita's starting backfield is expected to be: John Allen at wingback; Stan Merkel, who scored twice against Princeton and once against Brown, at fullback; Dick McLaughlin, who looked strong against Princeton, at quarterback; breakaway runner Jim Bell, who scored against Princeton, will start at tailback.

Good Offense

The Yardling offense has developed slowly but steadily, due to inexperience with the single wing formation. This will be combined with what Margarita called a "much improved passing attack."

The 196-lb. wall will include: center and captain Larry McCully, Pete Briggs and Bob Shaunessy at tackles, Jim Keating and Glen Nelson at guards, and Warren Huff and John Soucek at the ends. Soucek took a 30-yard pass from back field alternate Ron Johanson into the end zone against Princeton.

This line has been the Yardlings' strong point all year, and workouts with the varsity this week plus a week of rest should have left it at maximum strength.

Alternates in the wall will include end Dooney Iselin, who scored against Brown, tackles Dave Fairburn and Harold Anderson, Jim Gross at center, guards Brad Brown and Tom Hill, and Stuart Hershon at end.

Also expected to see action in the backfield; blocking-back Tony DiNatale, tailback Gordon Marlow, wingback Tom Lawson, fullback Steve Marglin.