The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

As a resident of Cambridge I find myself in agreement with your statement that the immediate effectuation of the Urban Renewal program is both vital and necessary.

I believe, however, that you have oversimplified the case for Urban Renewal and seriously calumnied this city in the process of making your point. Certainly John Gunther is no adequate authority on the physical condition of any city. His analytical method, that of the itinerant tabula rosa, does not allow him to investigate fully all of the various issues of his allegations. His flat statement that "Cambridge . . . is mostly a slum" disregards the less palmy aspects of this town.

Certainly Cambridge abounds in red light districts and uninhabitable dwellings. But this does not preclude mention of the beautiful homes in the Brattle Street--Harvard Square area.

Moreover, I tend to doubt the causal connection between sub-standard housing and exodusing industries. Reports will show that despite the distressing living conditions in certain parts of Cambridge, more industries have come into this city than have left it in the past few years. All of which does not mean that the need for Urban Renewal is not urgent. Harrison Lunger '49