House Dance Councils Will Run Weekend

Spring Weekend Coincides With Lowell House Operetta

A spring weekend featuring Saturday night functions in each House will be held from April 29 through May 1, the Interhouse Dance Committee voted last night.

All House functions will be closed except the Lowell House operetta, which will be open to all members of the College. However, Lowell House students will not be allowed to attend a function of any other House.

The majority of Houses will probably have formal, informal, or cabaret dances on Saturday night of the weekend, although at least one House may schedule a hayride.

Replaces All-College Weekend

The new weekend replaces a Crimson Key sponsored All-College Weekend which featured a formal dance in the I.A.B. Rising undergraduate protest and a $400 financial loss forced the Key to discontinue the weekend last year. Eliott Perkins '23, Master of Lowell House, felt that "a mistake was made in attempting to transfer the Dartmouth Carnival to Harvard."

The price of the dances will be lower than the price of football dances in some Houses, Carl A. Goldman '55, Interhouse Dance Committee chairman, said.

Perkins Approves Operetta

Perkins agreed last night with the Lowell House decision to stage their operetta on the weekend. "Judging from the small number of Lowell House men at our dance last Saturday, I don't imagine you'd get more than a 'ho-hum' out of any Lowell man now if you told him we are not going to have a dance that weekend," he said.

"However, if someone in the House feels that it is terrifically important to five a closed dance that weekend, and can persuade the majority of the House that he is correct, that is all right with me," he continued.

The Interhouse Dance Committee began consideration of a spring weekend last October, when an informal vote of the Committee showed a large majority of dance chairman in favor of "some sort of spring weekend." Earlier this month the dance committee chairman voted to submit a resolution calling for a weekend to the eight House Committees. The final decision was made last night after the House Committees had agreed to the resolution