Student Council Establishes Rules For '55 Class Committee Elections

The Student Council last night passed a motion setting up the procedure of the '55 Class committee elections. The method combines the principles of intra-House and class wide election.

All candidates for the 12-man Committee, headed by three permanent marshals and the chairman of Class Day, will collect 25 qualifying signatures to appear, at their option either on the ballot distributed to the entire class, or an individual House Ballots.

Seniors will then receive a sheet bearing the pictures of all candidates-at-large, on which they will mark ton votes in preferential order. The candidates tallying the three highest totals will be permanent marshals, and the fourth man will be chairman of Class Day.

The names of the remaining candidates-at-large, together with the intra-House candidates, will then appear on ballots in their respective Houses.

Preferential House Vote

Members of '55 will vote preferentially for all the names in their House; and the eight winners in each of the Houses, including Dudley, will fill out the membership of the Permanent Class Committee.

In the event that all the candidates-at-large from one House are elected to executive positions and there are no further candidates within the House, the man ranking fifth on the first ballot will be a member of the Committee.

The Council also approved last night $1000 for the renewal for 1955-56 of the exchange scholarship between the University and the Free College of Berlin.