'Cliffe Raises $1 Million for Grad Center

Construction of Quadrangle Will Begin in Two Months

During the first year of active campaigning, Radcliffe has raised over half of its two million dollar goal for the proposed 'Cliffe Graduate Quadrangle, President Wilbur K. Jordan announced yesterday.

The final drawings of the Center should be ready on March 1 and construction will begin sometime in April, without awaiting the rest of the funds. President Jordan expects the Quadrangle to be ready for occupancy in the fall of 1956.

Mrs. Bernice B. Cronkhite, Dean of the Radcliffe Graduate School, and other members of the 'Cliffe administration conducted a nationwide campaign beginning in November, 1953. Since then, the College has raised a total of $1,009,000.

When completed, the Graduate Quadrangle will house 150, and will provide dining and recreation facilities for all 350 of 'Cliffe graduate students.

Best Alumnae Response

The Quadrangle will be located on the corner of Brattle and Ash Sts., on land given to the College as a gift 50 years ago.

Contributions to the 1954-55 alumnae fund will be used again, as last year, to the two million dollar campaign. As soon as the money is raised, a refectory and a residence hall will be built in addition to the Graduate Center.

In answer to the Graduate appeal, 'Cliffe alumnae gave $160,000 last year. This is the largest annual amount over raised in the history of the alumnae fund.

Included in the donations received so far is a $25,000 pledge from the Kresge Foundation, contingent on the College's raising a sum of $95,000 to build an entry in the residence wing for students in the Management Training Program.

Graduate students now live in three small off-campus houses which can accommodate only 39 girls. Other students have to find their own living quarters in Cambridge.