Conservative League Fails to Gain Control of New Conservative Club

In a three-hour election meeting last night, the anti-McCarthy New Conservative Club narowly defeated an attempt by members of the pro-McCarthy Conservative League to win control of the new organization.

William C. Brady '57 was elected president of the Club by two votes over former Conservative League president David B. Cole '55 following a lengthy debate. Cole, recently expelled from the old League, was then elected first vice-president by a small margin. The other four officers elected were all anti-McCarthyites.

The New Conservative Club was founded in January, despite vigorous protest from the then Conservative League president Cole that "it is an obvious case of duplication of activities."

The old Conservative League members joined the Club only a few minutes before the election began, each paying the one dollar dues. When Brady, who was president pro tempore of the Club, realized what was happening, he immediately stopped accepting new members.

The League members, led by Robert W. DuBose, Jr. '55, protested Brady's action when the meeting began, but were voted down after a half-hour debate.

Inconclusive Discussion

DuBose's group then protested that the preparation of a slate of "recommended" candidates by the New Conservate Club elections committee was "an attempt at railroading." During the long and inconclusive discussion of this question, DuBose's group twice defeated a motion to end the debate, as the motion needed a two-thirds majority to pass.

The old Conservative League members then attempted to have the meeting postponed for a wek, ostensibly for the purpose of "becoming acquainted with the nominees." After being informed that a postponement would violate the Club's constitution, DuBose walked out of the meeting, charging that the new club was being "unconservative by attempting to railroad the election through."